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Does Pet Supplies Plus Take Cats?

Pet Supplies Plus does not take cats from owners, but they do their part to help homeless pets by holding in-store adoption events at various times throughout the year. For cat owners who need to rehome their pet, they will have to find another avenue—but the good news is that several options are available.

Responsibly Rehoming Your Cat 

The decision to rehome your cat shouldn't be taken lightly. Whatever the reason, consider looking for help in resolving the problem rather than choosing to rehome. If that's not possible, take the time to find a situation for your cat that provides him with the best chance of finding a loving home.

Here are some things you should know about surrendering your cat to a:


Not all shelters are the same. Before you surrender your cat, make sure you do some rehome_research so you'll know what the shelter's euthanasia rate is. 


Private rescues are typically no-kill organizations. The downside is that they are often at capacity, so it can be difficult to find one with the room to take your cat.

Another option is to rehome your cat yourself. In many ways, this is the best option as it allows you to personally choose the home that's the best fit for your cat. 

Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com offers many valuable tools and resources including:

  • Ability to create a pet profile
  • Resources to help you keep your pet
  • Advice about screening potential adopters
  • Ability to take applications through the site
  • Adoption contracts
  • And more! 

However you choose to proceed, remember that your pet deserves the chance at a new home. Rehome can help you find that perfect home and give you the peace of mind that your pet will be loved, safe, and happy.  

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