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Does Unleashed by Petco Take Cats?

Unleashed by Petco helps homeless cats find homes, but they do not take cats from owners. Instead, they partner with local animal welfare organizations and rescues to help them find homes for the cats in their care. They do this by having adoption events in store that are held throughout the year. If you need to rehome your pet, there are other available options.

Places You Can Surrender Your Cat

Before you consider where to surrender cat, take time to think if the issue leading to rehoming him can be fixed. Often, issues like urinating outside the box, fighting with other household pets, and even human allergies can be resolved in a way that allows your cat to stay in your home. 

Here are some options if you come to the conclusion that you must rehome him:

Surrendering to a Shelter 

The Good

  • Shelters will usually take your cat pretty quickly. If there is a wait, it's likely to be shorter than a wait for a rescue.

The Bad

  • Depending on where you live, the euthanasia rates at your local shelters could be high. This means your pet could potentially be put down rather than rehomed.

Surrendering to a Rescue 

The Good

  • Top-rated rescues do what it takes to find suitable homes for the cats in their care.

The Bad

  • The best rescues are often full, so it can be difficult to find one with a spot for your cat. If you're willing to wait, this is a good option. 

Rehoming the Cat Yourself 

The Good

  • You'll know that your cat is in a loving home.

The Bad

  • The process can take a while, usually a few weeks at least, but it's totally worth it to give your cat the best chance at a new life with a loving family. 

If the thought of taking care of the adoption yourself seems overwhelming, there are resources available to make it easier. Rehome is a resource that provides valuable advice and tools to help you in your search. Create a pet profile, accept applications, download an adoption contract, and much more! 

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