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How Do You Eliminate Cat Chewing?

The best way to eliminate cat chewing is to ensure your pet isn't bored and has no underlying medical condition, such as an issue with his gums. If it's a kitten doing the chewing, you'll be glad to know that most will grow out of their desire to chew by the time they reach maturity. Adult cats often chew out of boredom, so you may be able to curb the behavior by finding ways to engage your pet and keep him stimulated.

But I Really Liked That Sweater 

Did your cat chew something you really loved? You're not the first pet owner to make such an (unwilling) sacrifice. Until you can figure out how to stop your cat from chewing, you'll need to work on redirecting the chewing to appropriate items, such as toys or treats, in order to protect your stuff—and your pet.

Be aware of what your cat is chewing to ensure he doesn't ingest anything harmful or suffer an electrical injury by chewing wires. This may include keeping dangerous items out of reach and protecting cords with rubber covers.

Changing the Behavior 

After ruling out a medical reason for the chewing, here are a few things you can try to get your cat to stop the behavior:

  • More Interaction: Try spending more time with your cat doing activities like grooming him and playing together.
  • New Toys: Alleviate boredom by providing interactive toys that make your cat work for a treat or to solve a puzzle.
  • Calming Products: Chewing can be born from stress, so consider calming products like collars and diffusers.
  • Professional Help: If the chewing is excessive, enlist the help of an animal behaviorist who can help to identify the underlying cause and work to stop the chewing. 

Cat chewing can be frustrating but with some work—and a little patience—the behavior can be minimized. In the meantime, keep your prized possessions out of reach. 

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