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What Happens To Pets When Owners Die?

What happens to pets when owners die depends on whether or not the owner made some kind of plans for their pets. If not, the pets often end up at animal control. That's why it is important for loving pet owners to make plans for what will happen to their pets after their death.

It's In The Will

While you can't legally leave your money and belongings to your pet, you can set up a pet trust that provides for your pet's care after your death. In addition to the money left in the trust, you'll also need to choose a caregiver. This is the person who will take custody of the pets and who will use the money in the trust for the pets' care. 

If there is money left after the pets die, you can specify where the leftover money should go such as to another beneficiary, a charity, or the person who was the caretaker of the pets.

Using Rehome 

If a friend or family member of the deceased can temporarily care for the pet, the dog or cat can be posted on Rehome to find a permanent new home. Rehome is a peer-to-peer program that helps a pet go from one home right into another. Simply create a profile for your pet and it will appear on Adopt-a-Pet.com for millions of adopters to see.  

Caring for pets is a big responsibility, so discuss it with them in advance to be sure it's something they are willing to do. It's also a good idea to name a backup caretaker in case the first is unable to fulfill the role.  

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