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Where Can I Put A Cat Up For Adoption?

You can put a cat up for adoption online. Whether you use social media or a website like Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com, you'll have the best chance of getting your cat adopted by sharing him with the widest network of people possible.

Start with Friends and Family

If you can no longer keep your cat, the optimal place to start finding a new adopter is with your own network of friends and family. Snap some bright, clear photos of your cat and post on your personal Facebook and other social media accounts. Who knows? Maybe someone you know is looking for a new pet and your cat can live with a trusted friend or even someone within your extended family! 

Make Your Cat a Rehome Profile

If no one you know can take your cat, another great option is to use Adopt-a-Pet.com's program called Rehome. Rehome is no-cost, easy peer-to-peer service that will help you find a new family for your cat. You'll begin by uploading all of your cat's information, including vet records and behavioral history. Then comes the fun part! You can add fun or cute photos and videos of your cat to make your profile stand out and craft a bio to describe all the most important details about his personality. Getting stuck or have questions while creating a profile? Check out the Cat Rehoming page to get all the help you need. Once you've finished these steps, you can post your pet for millions of potential adopters to see! 

Our Rehome team will guide you on how to narrow down the applications you receive to find the best fit for your cat and help facilitate an in-person meeting so you can meet your cat's potential new family and ensure they are a good fit. Finally, you'll choose a new family for your cat and complete all paperwork on the Rehome website. Adoption fees will be donated to organizations that help get more pets adopted!

Why Not Go To A Shelter?

Helping your cat find a new home with a family rather than taking them to a shelter is better for your cat. He will have an easier transition and be less stressed going straight to a new home and new family rather than staying in a shelter in the interim. Additionally, shelters and rescues are many times filled to capacity and can be very crowded and stressful for any animal. Many privately-run organizations also use donations and money provided by volunteers to help cover vet bills, housing, and other costs, which means resources are often very limited. If you must find a new home for your cat, using Rehome to do it is a great solution.  

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