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Do you have to pay to rehome a Dachshund?

If you're asking do you have to pay to rehome a Dachshund that probably means you've made the decision that you can no longer keep your pet. The answer depends on how you go about rehoming your dog. If you surrender to a shelter, the fee is usually between $50 and $150. If you work with a private rescue, the fees vary from $0 to whatever the rescue chooses to charge. If you rehome the dog yourself, you should charge the adopter a rehoming fee.

Why Do Shelters Charge a Fee, and Why Should I Charge One? 

The fees charged by shelters and rescues are a way to defray the cost of caring for the dogs—but it certainly doesn't cover those costs completely.

The reasons you should charge a rehoming fee to whoever adopts your Dachshund include:

Eliminating Those with Ill Intentions

It's hard for most to imagine, but there are people who scour the classified ads for "free to a good home" listings. They act like they want a pet, but then use the animal as bait in training dogs to fight or sell them to labs. Charging a rehoming fee protects your Dachshund from people like this.

Ensuring They Can Care for your Dog 

If someone isn't willing or able to pay a rehoming fee then what are they going to do when the dog needs medical care? The rehoming fee is just one way to see that the potential adopter is prepared for the expenses that come with dog ownership.

If you decide to rehome your Dachshund yourself, take a look at Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com. It's loaded with advice from experts, along with tools that help you find the perfect home for your Dachshund. The work you put in to rehoming your pet yourself pays off as he'll be in a home where he is loved and you'll have peace of mind knowing that he's safe and happy. 

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