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Do You Have to Pay to Rehome a Pug?

When you rehome your Pug, you'll not have to pay a rehoming fee. These fees are charged to those who are adopting your dog from you. However, the types of fees that are paid in different circumstances can sometimes be confusing, so let's break things down to make them easier to understand.

When Do Owners Have to Pay? 

If you're the owner and you're looking for someone to rehome your Pug, you should never have to pay anything. The only time that you would have to pay when you're giving up your dog would be if you surrender him to a shelter or rescue. These facilities charge surrender fees that are usually at least $50.

If you're using a pet adoption service online to find a new home for your dog, they should not try to charge fees to an owner. If they do, you'll want to choose a different site, such as Rehome, discussed below.

Owners are often the ones who are charging the rehoming fees. Whenever rehoming the dog with someone you don't know, you should always charge a fee. It helps reduce risk and ensures the new owners are willing to make a financial investment in your dog. People who have bad intentions, such as selling your dog to a lab, don't want to pay rehoming fees. These fees help to ensure your dog is going to a better home.

When Do People Adopting Have to Pay?

When you're adopting a Pug, you'll have to pay a rehoming fee in most cases. Owners charge rehoming fees to help ensure their Pug goes to a great home. People with bad intentions might be looking for dogs to sell to labs, as mentioned, or to use as bait dogs. It's expected that adopters will pay a rehoming fee. Just make sure that the fee charged is reasonable compared to what others in the area are charging.

Even if you aren't getting your dog through a private owner, you'll still need to pay a fee in most cases. For example, when you go to a rescue or shelter, you'll pay an adoption fee. This fee is simply a rehoming fee given another name. The money from these fees goes into ensuring that the shelter can continue providing care for animals.

The only time that you probably won't have to pay a rehoming fee is when you're getting a Pug from someone who already knows you and they need to give up their dog. Since they know and trust you, they won't worry that you have bad intentions.

Rehome Makes the Process Easier

Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com is a platform that connects private owners with potential adopters, making it easier to find a loving new home for your pug. With Rehome, owners can create profiles for their dogs and review applications from the adopters. It's a free service for the owners, and the adopters will only pay a rehoming fee that's about the same as what they would pay to a shelter or rescue facility.

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