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Does Petland Take Dogs?

Petland does not take dogs, but they do help dogs at local shelters find their forever homes. For pet owners who want to surrender their pets, they will have to find an option other than Petland.

Are You Sure You Want To Surrender Your Pet? 

There are many reasons people surrender their dogs. Common reasons include:

The good news is that most of those reasons have a solution that allow you to keep your pet. Before you give up your four-legged family member, make sure you've exhausted all other options.

What To Know Before Surrendering To A Shelter 

Thousands of pets are surrendered to shelters daily. It's a sad statistic made even sadder when you consider that many of those animals will never leave the shelter again. While some shelters are becoming part of the no-kill movement, many still have high euthanasia rates.

Before you surrender your pet to any organization, make sure that you know their euthanasia rate.

A Great Home For Your Dog And Peace Of Mind For You 

If you can't keep him, your dog deserves a chance at happiness in a new home. That's why one of the best options is to take the time to rehome him yourself. A great resource to help you in this process is Rehome, where you can build a profile for your dog, accept applications from potential adopters, and find all of the advice you need. 

Taking advantage of the free services on Rehome gives your dog the best chance at a much deserved forever home. 

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