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How Can I Find A Home For My Dog?

You can find a home for your dog by utilizing the services of local shelters or rescues, or taking the time to screen potential adopters yourself. Taking the time to find a new family for a dog yourself gives him the best chance to find a safe and happy home. The dangers of posting your dog as free to a good home on classified sites are quite real, so that should be avoided. 

Reasons for Rehoming a Dog 

Whether your reason for rehoming is behavior issues, financial troubles, or not having time to spend with the dog, there are resources that can help with those matters so you can allow your dog to remain in your home. Check out our Keep Your Pet Guide for more details. If that is not an option, consider the tips in the next section to ensure your dog will be safe and love in his new home. 

Finding a Home the Safe Way 

There are many horror stories about what happens to pets listed on classified sites making it a dangerous and unregulated method of finding a home for your dog. Here are some ways to consider instead:

Reaching Out to Family and Friends 

Posting on your Facebook page alerting others of your plan might be all it takes to find a new home for your dog. Those in your circle have probably spent time around your dog, and you never know who may be considering adding a pet to their family.

Rehome Your Dog Yourself 

When you take the time to find a great home for your pet, it make take a little more time and effort, but you can help ensure the safety of your four-legged friend—and you don't have to do it alone. Resources are available that make it easier to screen potential adopters and to get your pet in front of those looking for a dog. Rehome is a website that allows you create a pet profile, screen applicants, and explore other resources that make it easier to find the perfect home. 

Talk to a Local Rescue

Rescues differ from shelters in that they are typically privately run. Once they take a dog in, they will give the dog as much time as he needs to find the perfect home. The downside is that it can be difficult to find a rescue that has room to take your dog, but it's still an avenue worth exploring.

Surrendering Your Pet to a Shelter

This is a better option than giving the dog away on a classified site, but it's still not ideal. Many shelters do still euthanize for space or for aggression that may be displayed by a dog that is fearful in a shelter environment.

Before you ask "how can I find a home for my dog?" be sure that all other options are exhausted. If that's the case, take the road that will give your dog the best chance at happiness. Doing so will give you peace of mind as well.  


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