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How Can I Find a Home for My English Bulldog?

You can find a home for your English Bulldog by rehoming him yourself rather than surrendering him to a shelter or a rescue. Although rescues and shelters try to find new homes for dogs surrendered to them, it's not always possible. When you work on rehoming your dog, you'll find that you have a range of options available, and it's easier to ensure you find someone that's a good match for him. Let's look at some of the things you'll need to consider and the best options that are available.

What Does Your English Bulldog Need in a Good Home? 

You want to find a loving home for your English Bulldog, and that means knowing what she needs. Not only will she need new owners who'll adore her and spoil her, but these new owners must also be capable of providing everything that she needs. This includes a safe and stable place to live, as well as food and medical care.

All dogs are different, so you need to take note of what makes your dog unique and what she would require. This could be a certain medication, for example. She might not have a good history with children, and you wouldn't want her in a home with small kids. All of this information will be important to consider and to convey to potential adopters to ensure that you're choosing a great new home for her.

Talk with Those You Know

Although you may not want to give up your dog and you might find your situation embarrassing for one reason or another, you want to do right by him. Be open and talk with relatives and friends about your situation and why you need to give up your dog. Maybe you have to travel for work for a couple of months and can't be with him. You might find someone willing to temporarily house your dog.

Maybe you have to give him up permanently. You still might know someone who would love to adopt him and bring him home. People you know are often a great option, especially if you're sure they'll be a good fit. Even if they may not be looking to adopt right now, they could know someone who is looking.

Rehoming Online

Another option is to use a site like Rehome from Adopt-a-Pet.com to rehome your dog. This is a peer-to-peer site that helps to make the process faster, easier, and safer. It's free for owners to use, and the adopters will pay the site a small rehoming fee similar to what they would pay to a shelter or a rescue.

Through Rehome, you can create a profile for your English Bulldog complete with photos and videos. You'll also write up a bio to let the prospective owners know more about your dog to see if they might be a good fit. Then, you can look at the applications that come through and choose the new owner. It's a simple and safe way to find a home for your English Bulldog. 

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