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How Do I Rehome My Beagle?

You can rehome your beagle using several different options. Of course, some of those options are better than others are, so you will want to learn more about them. This will help to give you a better understanding of what will be best for your beagle.

Do You Need to Rehome?

Rehoming is an option, but it is not always necessary. It's always best to try to keep your beagle with you, of course. Just because there might be a problem right now, doesn't mean there aren't other solutions than just rehoming. For example, if you worry about health issues with your beagle, consider getting pet insurance. This can help to reduce your costs greatly.

If your beagle has behavior issues, you could always find training courses and trainers that can help to correct the behavior. Maybe you worry that you aren't able to spend as much time with your dog as you would like and that you can't walk them enough because of work. There are options for this, too. You could always hire someone to dog-sit during the day or take them to a doggy daycare facility.

There are often options available when you have these types of problems. Of course, that's not always the case. Sometimes, as much as you might love the idea of keeping your beagle, you can't. It might be due to having allergies, moving to a home where dogs aren't allowed, etc. In those cases, you will need to find ways to rehome your beagle.

Shelters and Rescues

One of the first things that many people consider is taking their dog to an animal shelter. While it is an option, it shouldn't be the first on your list. Although shelters want to take care of the dogs long-term, it's often not possible. They don't have the room, and they may have a policy on euthanizing the animals.

Rescues could be a good option since they'll keep the animal indefinitely. However, there is no guarantee that your beagle will be adopted from a rescue either. Also, many rescues are always full and will not have room for your dog.

Rehoming with Family and Friends

One of the best options to consider is to rehome with people that you already know. Maybe you have a coworker or a family member who wants to adopt a dog. Maybe they already know and love your beagle and would enjoy being her new family. This is often an ideal solution, but we know that not everyone knows someone ready and willing to adopt.

Using the Rehome Platform

In those cases, you can always consider choosing the Rehome platform from Adopt-a-Pet.com. This site makes it easy for you to create a profile for your beagle, add a bio, photos, and more to ensure plenty of potential adopters see them.

Once people are interested in adopting, they will fill out a form for adoption, which you can then review. This allows you to ensure that you are choosing only the right family for your beloved beagle.

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