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How Do I Rehome My Bull Terrier?

You can rehome your bull terrier using several methods including rehoming with people you know and finding a new home using online services. However, it's important to keep several things in mind when rehoming your dog. You need to make sure that he's going to the perfect new home.

What Does Your Dog Require?

Naturally, the first thing you have to consider is what your dog needs in terms of a good home and a great new owner. Does he have any health issues that need to be addressed and cared for by the new owner? Is he taking any medications? You'll also want to think about your dog's personality and temperament. Even though Great Danes are gentle in most cases, they're a large dog. Will the new owner be capable of handling the dog? All of these are factors you'll want to think about when you're choosing a new owner for him.

Charging Rehoming Fees

Something else to keep in mind is rehoming fees. These are fees that the adopters pay to the owner, facility, or website when they are adopting a dog. Some people don't like the idea of rehoming fees, but they are essential in most cases. When you're giving the dog to someone you don't know, charging rehoming fees helps to reduce the risk for your dog.

Some individuals scour the classified ads and the Internet looking for free animals. They sometimes use the dogs for fighting or to sell to labs. Others may not have the means to care for your dog. People who have bad intentions and those who can't afford a dog won't want to pay a rehoming fee. Therefore, it helps to keep your dog safer.

Use Rehome for Your Bull Terrier

One of the popular ways to find a new home for dogs is through online pet adoption sites. A great choice is Rehome, which is a peer-to-peer platform that makes it easy to find potential adopters. It's free for owners to use and adopters will pay a rehoming fee when they choose a dog and adopt.

You can create a detailed profile of your bull terrier that adopters will see on the site. They can then fill out an adoption application. This makes it easier to find the perfect match.

Find Someone You Already Know

In some cases, you might not even need to use the Internet to find a new home for your bull terrier. Maybe there's someone in your family or one of your friends that's been thinking about getting a dog. They might want to adopt your bull terrier. If you feel that they'll be a good fit for your dog and that they have the ability to care for him properly, this could be a nice solution. If you're giving your dog to someone you know and trust, you don't need to charge a rehoming fee.

Although rehoming might take a bit more time and work than setting up an appointment at a shelter or rescue, it's a great option. Rehoming allows you to ensure that you're finding a perfect home for your special little ball of fur.

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