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How Do I Rehome My Catahoula Leopard Dog?

You'll rehome your Catahoula Leopard Dog by taking the time to find an owner who matches well with your dog. This might be someone you know or someone you find online. Before you can just give her to someone, though, you need to be sure that you understand what she needs. This allows you to find the perfect new home where she'll be happy and loved.

What Makes Your Dog Unique? 

Before you can find the right owner when rehoming your dog, you have to know what your dog needs. What is it that makes her unique? Think about the good things along with some of the less than stellar traits. It'll be easy to think about all of the great things about your Catahoula Leopard Dog. However, you have to think about some of the things that could cause problems for new owners. Does she bark a lot? Does she have any temperament problems? Is she a cat chaser? Does she have any health issues?

This is information that you'll need to provide to potential adopters whether in-person or online. They need to know these things to determine whether she's the right fit for their home or not. If you aren't transparent with the new owners, it could mean that they have to end up giving her up later. You don't want her to go through another family loss.

Talk with Some Friends and Relatives

When you're looking to rehome your dog, the first thing you'll want to do is talk to people you know. Perhaps one of them is looking to adopt a dog, and they might be interested in yours. If they already know your dog and get along well with her that's even better. Of course, you still need to consider all of those good and bad traits to ensure that she's the right fit for the new owner.

If you don't know anyone, there's also the option of finding a new owner online through a pet adoption site. When you're rehoming on your own, be sure to vet the owner as best as possible. Also, charge rehoming fees, as this can reduce the risk of having people with bad intentions trying to get your dog.

A good way to find a new owner for your dog is to use Rehome. This platform is part of Adopt-a-Pet.com, and it makes it much easier for you to find qualified new owners for your Catahoula Leopard Dog. The site is free for owners to use, and the adopters will only have to pay a small rehoming fee.

You can create a profile for your dog that includes pictures, videos, and a bio. The bio is the perfect place for you to put all of those traits about your dog. Give the potential adopters a good indication of the great things about your dog, as well as the issues she has. This ensures that only those who are truly interested and capable of caring for her will apply to adopt.

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