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How Do I Surrender My Mastiff

If you have to surrender your Mastiff, you'll need to get in touch with a local shelter or rescue and set up an appointment. It's also important to learn a bit about the shelters and rescues in your area, as well as some of the other options you might have available when it comes to giving up your dog. This way, you can find a solution that will be the best choice for your dog. 

Understanding Shelters and Rescues

Some of the first thoughts that are likely to come to mind when it comes to giving up your Mastiff is taking him to a shelter or a rescue. You likely have shelters and rescues in your area, but you can't simply show up at their doorstep with your dog. Instead, you need to contact them first.

Start by learning more about the policies of the facility. Rescues are no-kill facilities, which means they're usually quite popular and may not have the room available for your Mastiff. Shelters can only keep dogs for a certain amount of time since they have to make way for new, incoming animals. Both shelters and rescues try to find new owners for the dogs at the facilities, but this doesn't always happen. There's no guarantee that someone will adopt your Mastiff.

Once you learn more about the facilities you're considering and have made your choice, you can contact them. The staff will let you know more about what you need to bring, as well as the surrender fee. This fee can vary from one facility to the next, but it's usually at least $50.

When you contact the shelter or rescue, they may also want to know why you have to give up your Mastiff. They want to do what's best for your dog, and sometimes this means staying with you if possible. Many of these facilities will have a list of resources that they can provide. They might have information about low-cost vet services, pet sitters, doggie daycare, and more.

Of course, you might still have to give up your dog if you have no other choice. If that's the case, they'll make an appointment for you to drop him off.

Rehoming Your Mastiff by Yourself

There are other ways that you can give up your dog and have more control over who adopts him. One of the best options is to rehome him with someone you know, such as a friend or relative that's looking to adopt a dog. As long as they have the room and can provide all of the proper care your dog needs, it could be a good choice. You'll have more peace of mind knowing that he's going to someone you know.

There's also the option of using online pet adoption platforms like Rehome from Adopt-a-Pet.com. This is an easy to use site that provides owners with the capability to create a profile for their Mastiff. With the photos, videos, and bio, it becomes easy for potential adopters to find your dog. You'll then review their applications and choose the best new owner. 

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