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How Long Does It Take a Boxer to Get Used to a New Home?

Many boxers are returned to a shelter or rescue after just a few days because the adopters say the dog isn't fitting in, but just "how long does it take a boxer to get used to a new home?" It's unreasonable to expect a dog to come into a home and immediately fall in line with all of the rules and routines. It can take weeks, or even months for a boxer, or any pet, to become comfortable in his new environment and to become his best self.

Why Does it Take So Long?

Typically when adopting from a shelter, the new owners don't know the history of the dog. It's important to remember that the dog was taken from his home and placed in an environment that was likely very frightening to him.

Then you came along and gave him a home, but he doesn't understand that it's permanent. It will take some time for him to understand that he is safe now.

Be patient with the boxer and understand that it will take the dog time to learn your routines and to know what is expected of him. 

You can help by:

  • Providing a crate or other spot where the boxer feels safe
  • Being realistic in your expectations
  • Working with a trainer, if necessary 

In It for the Long Haul

Some new pet owners give up on their dogs after a week or two while the dog is in an adjustment period. This is sad both for the dog, who now has to start from scratch with a new family, and for the family who gave him up too soon. With a bit more time, the right guidance, and a little patience, the boxer likely would have blossomed into a wonderful family pet.

If the boxer you adopted isn't progressing as you'd like, don't give up on him. Ask the shelter or rescue for advice or to point you to resources to help in training the dog. In the end, you'll be happy you did! 

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