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How Long Does It Take a Corgi to Get Used to a New Home?

It will take your new Corgi exactly as much time as she needs to get used to a new home. Typically, it will take a few weeks to a few months for a dog to get accustomed to a new space. However, because each dog is unique, there's no hard and fast answer that will work for every Corgi. The personality of your new dog, along with her age, can be roles in how quickly they adjust. Often, younger dogs will adjust faster than older dogs who have become accustomed to their old homes and owners.

Regardless, there are things that you can do to help make the transition easier for your dog when they first come to your home. These tips can help to speed up the acclimatization process.

Let Her Decompress and Have Some Space

When she first comes home, she'll be nervous. She needs to meet you and everyone else who lives in the house, of course, but she'll also need some time to herself in many cases. Make sure she has a space she can head to when she wants to be alone, such as her own dog bed. Those first few days, she'll be both nervous and curious. Let her explore.

Additionally, when she's still new isn't the time to bring all of your friends over to look at her and play with her. Let her get used to everyone in the family before others start to come over. Otherwise, she'll feel overwhelmed, and it could take her even longer to feel at home.

Make Yourself Available When She Needs You

Although she should have time to herself if she wants it, you still want to be available when she wants to be around you. Make her feel welcome to any of the family activities that you're doing whether it's hanging out in the yard or sitting together in the living room to watch television. Play with her, pet her, and give her a few treats. Make her feel as though she's part of the family and it can help the process along faster.

Start a Routine

You'll want to start a routine as soon as she arrives, too. This means feeding and walking her on a schedule and making sure she has plenty of trips outside for the bathroom. Even if you have a yard that's fenced in, you'll want to be outside with her when she heads out to use the bathroom or play during those first weeks. Sometimes, dogs that feel nervous might try to escape and find their old owner.

Remember to be as patient as needed when she's getting used to the new house and new family. She's going through a lot even though she might not be able to express it. This means that she might have some tummy problems or bathroom accidents. In time, though, she'll start to feel more comfortable, and you'll feel like she's always been part of the family.

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