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How Long Does It Take a Doberman Pinscher to Get Used to a New Home?

The answer to "how long does it take a Doberman Pinscher to get used to a new home," depends on many factors, such as the age, temperament, and history of the dog. It takes some dogs a few weeks to feel at home, while it takes others a few months to fully adjust to life in his new home.

Are You Thinking of Surrendering Your Dog? 

Every shelter experiences the same thing: Someone adopts a dog only to return it a few weeks later, because he's not "fitting in." It's true that some dogs might need longer to adjust, but they will eventually. Don't abandon the commitment you made to your Doberman Pinscher just because he's having a hard time. Most dogs will get comfortable on their own over time, but some dogs might require a little extra help from a trainer to make the transition.

Don't Give Up! 

If your new pet is having a particularly difficult time, it could be because he was shuffled around and has trouble trusting or believing that this is really his home. Giving him up will make it even more difficult for the dog at his next home. You brought your Doberman Pinscher home to be part of your family, so give him the time and the tools he needs.

You'll be rewarded with a loyal dog who will spend his life providing you with love and companionship—and that's well worth an investment of your time! 

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