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How Long Does It Take a Golden Retriever to Get Used to a New Home?

The amount of time it takes a golden retriever to get used to a new home is generally between one to three months or so. Typically, a dog will take at least a month to get comfortable enough in a new home where they can show their true personality. However, some dogs will take months before they become comfortable. It will depend on a range of factors.

The age of the golden retriever is one of the big ones. Puppies and younger dogs will often acclimate faster to new environments. Older dogs that have been with their owner for years will naturally take longer. Age certainly isn't the only factor, though. Every dog is different, and new owners must allow the dog to adjust in their own time. They can do some things to help the process along.

Give Her Time to Adjust and Keep It Slow

Remember that she's coming into a brand-new environment where she doesn't know you, others in the house, or the house itself. There are new people, new smells, and new sounds. It's all overwhelming, so she'll need plenty of time to adjust. You need to keep it nice and slow. This means you don't want to invite all of your friends and family to come and look at your new dog. Give it time. Once she's adjusted, it will be easier to integrate her into other parts of your life.

Create a Routine and Stick to It

Dogs do well when they're on a routine. Start a routine from the day she comes home with you. This means feeding her at the same time each night and taking her out for walks, bathrooms breaks, etc. at around the same times each day. Of course, you'll also want to watch her for any signs that she might need to go outside.

Provide Space for Her

Your new dog should have her own space in the home where she can go and get away when she's feeling overwhelmed or tired. This spot should be hers, and not used by other dogs or cats in the house. Set up a dog bed with some of her toys and favorite things in a part of the home where she can relax and still feel like part of the family.

Be Prepared for Setbacks

Sometimes, it might seem like she's taking one step forward and then jumping back a few feet. It happens. There may be setbacks, but you simply need to persevere. She'll come around. During those setbacks, you may have to deal with her attempting to get out of the house to try to find her old owner, as well as potty accidents. Be ready for anything, and don't give up on her.

Be Patient

Ultimately, when you use the tips mentioned above, the dog will come around. It just might take a little longer than you'd anticipated. You must remain patient during this adjustment period, and she'll soon become the dog that you've dreamed about having.

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