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How Long Does It Take a Jack Russell Terrier to Get Used to a New Home?

The answer to "how long does it take a Jack Russell Terrier to get used to a new home" varies, and every dog is different. The time it takes depends on his age, temperament, and his experiences leading up to entering your home. It can take several months for some dogs to acclimate, so don't be disheartened if your Jack Russell isn't coming around as quickly as you thought he would. In the vast majority of cases, a dog that's having trouble getting use to his new home just needs more time and, perhaps, help from a trainer.

Are You Thinking of Surrendering a Dog Who Doesn't Fit In? 

Here's the deal: With very few exceptions, a responsible owner will be able to help their Jack Russell become more comfortable in their home. When a dog is having a particularly hard time, enlist the help of your vet or a qualified trainer.

If your dog is a rescue with an unknown history, he may have been traumatized in the past. It's understandable why this would make him hesitate before relaxing in his new home. The way to overcome his fear and doubt is to earn his trust. Doing so may take some time, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Give Him a Fair Chance 

You fell in love with your Jack Russell Terrier when you brought him home, so make sure you give him all the tools he needs to become part of your family. Some pet owners get frustrated after a month—or even sooner—and return or rehome the dog. This is going to make it even more difficult for the dog in his next home.

With the right help, your Jack Russell will learn to follow your rules. Don't give up on him! All the patience and work will be well worth it. 

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