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How Long Does It Take an Australian Cattle Dog to Get Used to a New Home?

The amount of time that it takes for an Australian cattle dog to get used to a new home can vary based on a range of different factors. Australian cattle dogs are known to become attached to their owners, and they may have separation anxiety. As long as the dog feels safe and cared for, and they have owners who understand and accommodate their needs, they should start to acclimate within a week or so. However, it can sometimes take longer.

Understanding some of the factors that affect the adjustment period and taking steps to make the transition to a new home easier will help to speed up the process. Below, we will be looking at these factors and what you can do to make the dog feel safe and welcome.

The Age of the Dog 

The age of the dog could be a factor when determining how long it will take them to get used to a new home. Puppies and younger dogs tend to have an easier time adapting than older dogs in many cases. Older dogs might feel a bit skittish at first, but as long as they are treated well and their needs are met, they will adjust relatively quickly. With older dogs, it tends to be a good idea to continue calling them by the name their previous owner gave them. This is what they are accustomed to.

Making the Dog Feel Welcome and Part of the Family

Those who are adopting the dog should make sure that they learn as much as possible about the personality of the dog. Knowing the likes and dislikes of the dog when they come to the home for the first time helps to ensure they feel more at home. Make sure that they are on a good schedule for their walks, playtime, and bathroom time. Give them time to adjust and love and encouragement along the way.

Be Sure to Choose the Right Dog and the Right Home

If you are going to be adopting an Australian cattle dog, or if you are an owner who needs to put their dog up for adoption, considering using Rehome. This is a platform from Adopt-a-Pet that helps to make it easier to find the right homes for the dog. Owners who have pets they need to put up for adoption can add photos, videos, and information about their dog's personality and temperament.

This information is highly valuable to those who are considering adoption. It can help them to determine whether they are getting the right Australian cattle dog for their home. The information also lets them create an environment that will be comfortable for the dog when it arrives.

Australian cattle dogs tend to be an energetic and loving breed. Some might adjust to their new life almost immediately. Others will be nervous, and it will take more time for them to become comfortable. Don't pressure the dog. They will adjust in their own time and become a loving member of your family. 

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