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How Long Does It Take Pit Bulls to Get Used to a New Home?

You've brought home a pit bull, and you're wondering how long does it take pit bulls to get used to a new home? Every dog is different, so there is no answer that suits every pit bull. Some will jump right into life in their new family, but others can take time—even up to a few months—to adjust. Unfortunately, some adopters don't give their new family member the needed time to get used to new rules and routines and return the dog to the shelter after a week or so. 

Time to Settle In

When you adopt a pit bull or American pit bull terrier, you don't know what they've been through, so it makes sense they might not realize right away that your home is their forever home. Each time a dog is moved to a new place, it makes him more anxious. Over time, however, he'll start to trust you and understand that your home is where he gets to stay.  

Give Him Time to Learn the Rules

Dogs aren't born with the knowledge that they shouldn't chew your shoes, go the bathroom on the carpet, or stay off the furniture. These things must be taught. If you're not sure how to train a pit bull to follow your house rules, talk to a trainer who can help. Hiring a trainer may not be necessary, as many pit bulls – and dogs in general - will learn what you expect after being in the home for a while.

Your new pit bull may have been through a lot, so be patient and give him the time he needs. It will be well worth it when after a few weeks or months, you start to see that he now knows you are his family and that your home is the place where he'll be safe and loved forever. 

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