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How Long Does the Humane Society Keep Great Pyrenees?

The Humane Society will keep Great Pyrenees for between five and seven days in most cases. However, some factors can affect the length of time the dog will stay at the facility. For example, if a dog was brought in as a stray or lost dog, they'll often have extra time at a shelter, so the owner will have time to find them.

Why Does the Humane Society Only Keep Dogs for a Limited Time?

When your dog is dropped off at the Humane Society after being surrendered, it's generally for five to seven days— although it can be shorter in some cases. You may be wondering why they only keep dogs for a limited time. The biggest reason for this is the amount of space they have available. They only have a certain amount of space available to hold dogs, and they always seem to have a new influx of dogs arriving. To make space, they may need to euthanize dogs that have been there longer.

Keep in mind that the location of the facility, and whether it's part of the Humane Society or another shelter, can factor into the length of time they keep your Great Pyrenees, as well. Before you surrender your dog, you'll want to get in touch with the facility to set up an appointment. When you do this, ask them how long they keep dogs, so you have a true understanding of what your dog can expect.

Shelters always try to make sure that your dog gets adopted. They do this for all of the dogs in their care. However, there often aren't enough people looking to adopt, which means many dogs don't get adopted.

What Are the Other Alternatives?

If you have to give up your Great Pyrenees, there are other options to consider. You might want to look at some of the local rescues, for example. Rescues have no-kill policies and can keep dogs until they're adopted. However, there's still no guarantee that someone will adopt your dog. Also, rescues are usually filled up and won't have room to accept new dogs.

Instead of surrendering your dog, you can always look at rehoming. Maybe you have a friend that's been talking about adopting a dog, or a family member who wants a large dog that loves the outdoors. They might be a perfect fit for your Great Pyrenees, you can talk to them about the possibility of adopting from you.

If you don't know anyone looking to adopt, you can always use online services, such as Rehome from Adopt-a-Pet. This is an easy to use and safe platform that lets you create a profile for your Great Pyrenees. You can include images, videos, and a bio of your dog, making it easier for the best potential adopters to find him and submit an adoption application.

You can review the applications and then choose the best new owner for your dog. This gives you a nice amount of control over who gets to bring your Great Pyrenees home.

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