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What Does It Mean to Rehome an English Bulldog?

When you rehome your English Bulldog, it means that you take the time to find a wonderful new place for her to call home rather than surrender her to a shelter or a rescue. Although it might take some additional time to rehome your dog, you'll find that it provides you with full control over who adopts her, and this can provide you with more peace of mind. Below, you'll find some of the most important things that you have to consider when rehoming, along with some options for rehoming.

Know What Your English Bulldog Needs

You never imagined that you would have to rehome your English Bulldog, but there are aspects of life that you can't always control. Now that you do have to give her up, you want to be sure that she's going to a home where she'll be loved and cared for properly, of course. The only way you can be sure you find a great new owner is by thinking about everything she needs.

Does she have any health issues? Does she have any behavioral problems? Consider everything that a new owner would need to know and would need to provide for her. Once you know this, it becomes easier to be sure you're choosing the right new owner.

Rehoming with Those You Know 

An option that many people consider is rehoming with someone they already know and trust. This can be a good option if you have someone in your life that's been looking to adopt a dog. Of course, it doesn't mean that you can just give her to anyone that wants to adopt whether you know them or not. You still need to be sure they can provide for all of her needs. If you're able to find someone you know, though, it can make for a relatively quick rehoming. It also lets you rest easy knowing that she's with someone you trust.

Using Online Pet Adoption Sites

If you aren't able to find someone in your life who can adopt, there's always the option of looking online. Online sites like Rehome help to make the process easier for owners and adopters. As the owner, you'll build a profile for her that includes pictures, videos, and a bio to let adopters know everything they need. It's important to make sure that you have a full and honest bio, so the new owners know any issues, as mentioned above.

Adopters can fill out applications, which you'll then review. Rehome can even help you better understand what you need to consider when reviewing applications. Once you find an owner that you feel is a good fit, you can let them adopt. Then, you can send over the medical records digitally if needed. The entire process is fast and easy, and it's a safe way to let someone adopt your English Bulldog.

The platform is free for owners to use. Adopters will only have to pay a small rehoming fee that's similar to what they would pay through a shelter or rescue.

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