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What is a Reasonable Rehoming Fee for a Great Dane?

A reasonable rehoming fee for a Great Dane is typically between $50 and $150 in most cases. However, the amount can be higher depending on the age of the Great Dane and whether they're a purebred dog or not. It's always a good idea to charge a rehoming fee when giving up a Great Dane, or any other type of dog for that matter.

Who Pays Rehoming Fees?

Rehoming fees are paid by the person who will be taking in the dog and not by the owner. The only time you, as an owner, will pay anything would be if they were to surrender their dog to a shelter or a rescue. The surrender fee can vary, but you'll find that it's typically around the same as a rehoming fee or an adoption fee. Money from these fees typically goes back into ensuring that the facility can continue operating.

Why Are Rehoming Fees Important?

Some people do not believe rehoming fees are needed. They feel that if someone can no longer keep a dog, they should give him to a good home. However, they have to understand that the world can be a dangerous place. It's not always possible to find a good and safe home for a dog without charging a rehoming fee. The fees help to deter people with bad intentions who might want to sell the dogs to labs or use them for fighting. You never want something like that to happen to your Great Dane. The rehoming fees help to reduce the risk.

Although they're often called adoption fees, the cost of getting a dog through the animal shelter or a rescue is essentially rehoming fees. As with private rehoming fees, the cost helps to increase safety for your dog.

Can You Ever Eliminate the Need for a Rehoming Fee?

As long as someone you do not know is adopting your dog, you always need to charge some type of rehoming fee. The only time that you wouldn't want to charge a fee is when you're giving your dog to someone you already know and fully trust. This might be a family member or a friend who has been looking for a dog, for example. In these instances, you can be sure they won't use your dog for fighting or to sell to a lab.

Consider Using Rehome to Make It Easier

If you don't know anyone looking for a dog, consider using Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com. This is a platform from Adopt-a-Pet.com that provides you with an easy way to advertise your dog to people looking to adopt. It's a safe and fast way to find a wonderful new owner for your Great Dane. You can create a detailed profile for him, and people can send in adoption applications. With guidance from the experts at Rehome, you'll then choose the new owner for your Great Dane. The platform charges the adopter a rehoming fee, and that money goes right back into helping more pets get adopted.

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