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What Is A Rehoming Fee?

A rehoming fee is a payment made by potential adopters to the person or organization they are adopting a pet from. These fees are important because they require potential adopters to demonstrate the financial ability to care for a pet and to weed out people who collect dogs and cats listed as free to a good home for use in dog fighting, as bait animals, or to sell to labs. For rescue groups that are funded by donations only, the fees can help with expenses such as spay/neuter, vaccinations, and food.

I'm Rehoming a Pet. How Much Should I Charge? 

If you've made the decision to rehome your pet, it's important to take every possible step to keep your dog or cat safe. One way to do that is by charging a sufficient rehoming fee. The amount depends on many factors such as type of pet, age of the pet, etc.

In order to make the pet unattractive to people who want dogs and cats for nefarious purposes, the fee should be at least $50. If you want the adopter to demonstrate a willingness to care for your pet's financial needs, you may want to charge more. Typical rehoming fees are between $50 and $150, but purebred pets may have a higher fee.

If you're still not sure how much to charge, or if you're looking for resources to help you rehome your dog or cat, stop by our website called Rehome. We offer free services including setting the rehoming fee, providing a platform for your pet's profiles, guidance for reviewing applications, and more. Plus, when you use Rehome, you'll be doing something good to help homeless dogs and cats as all rehoming fees are donated to helping more pets find forever homes.  

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