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What is the best way to rehome a Rottweiler?

The best way to rehome a rottweiler would be giving her to someone you already know personally. Since you already know the person, it's easier to determine whether they'll be the right fit for your dog or not. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should just give your dog to anyone that you know who wants her. You still need to make sure that it's a good choice.

What Does Your Dog Need?

Your rottweiler isn't like any other rottweiler on the planet. Sure, there are similarities between dogs of the same breed, but every dog has his own unique personality. The things that your dog likes and dislikes are both a part of that personality, and you need to make sure that he'll be a good match for whoever adopts him. If he doesn't like the water at the beach, that should be something that you tell the new owner. If he doesn't like cats, you need to let the adopter know this as well.

Even if it's something minor, they should know. Of course, you'll also want to make them aware of any special needs that he might have, such as medicines he needs to take or dietary restrictions. Always be as transparent as possible and answer any questions the potential adopter might have honestly. After all, you need to be sure that you're sending your dog to a great home where he'll be safe, loved, and taken care of properly.

Should You Charge Rehoming Fees?

If you're giving your dog to someone you know and trust already, there's no need for a rehoming fee. The purpose of rehoming fees charged by owners is to help ensure their dog goes to a great home. The fees dissuade people who can't afford to care for her, as well as those who want free dogs to sell to labs. Some people look for free dogs that can be used for fighting. This is certainly true when it comes to breeds like rottweilers. They may even use older dogs as bait and training for fighting dogs. Charging a rehoming fee helps to keep your dog safe.

What About Rehoming with Pet Adoption Sites?

While giving your dog to someone you already know is considered the best way to rehome, there are other options. You can find pet adoption sites online that could help you find some potential adopters. Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com is a great resource for owners who need to rehome their pets. This site is free for owners to use and adopters just pay a small rehoming fee when they adopt a dog. These fees will go right back into making sure that more animals get adopted.

When you use Rehome, you'll fill out a bio and profile for your rottweiler. Once again, you want to be thorough and honest with this information. It helps to ensure that only the right people will be filling out adoption applications for your dog. After those applications come to you, you'll go through them to find your dog a wonderful new home.

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