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What is the Fastest Way to Rehome a Great Pyrenees?

The fastest way to rehome a Great Pyrenees would be to give her to someone that you already know and who wants to adopt. However, this doesn't mean it's the only way to rehome. You have other options, and we'll discuss the different methods of rehoming that you might want to choose, along with some tips to keep in mind. This can help to ensure that you find the best new home for your dog.

Rehoming with Someone You Know

If you know a coworker, a close friend, or a relative that has talked about wanting to get a dog of their own, maybe they'll want to adopt your dog. Of course, a Great Pyrenees is a large dog, and that might not be suitable for everyone. You need to be sure that the people who might want to adopt will have enough space for your dog, and that they can provide her with plenty of exercise and love, as well as other care she needs.

Just because someone might want to adopt her doesn't always mean that it's a good fit. Naturally, you want to do what's best for her, so make sure that you only choose to let someone you know adopt if they're a perfect match.

Something else you'll need to keep in mind when it comes to letting someone you know adopt is visiting the dog. The temptation will be there to visit her often, but you need to refrain. When she's in another home with a new owner, you have to give her plenty of time to adjust. Make sure that she understands who her new owners are. You'll want to give it several months, at least, before you head over to their house.

Rehoming Online

Not everyone knows someone who can adopt their Great Pyrenees, of course. Another relatively fast way to rehome your dog is through an online peer-to-peer adoption service like Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com. Rehome makes it much easier to find the right people to adopt, and the experts at Rehome will guide you through the process.

With Rehome you can create a profile for your Great Pyrenees that can include photos, videos, and a bio. You must be honest in the bio, so the potential adopters know all of the good—and bad—things about your dog. If she's a barker or if she loves nothing more than chasing cats, let people know. This ensures they're making the right decision if they decide to fill out an adoption application.

Rehome is free for owners to use, and the adopters will only have to pay a small rehoming fee. This fee is similar to what would be paid to a shelter or a rescue. When you use Rehome, you'll have control over who adopts your dog. It's also a fast way to find the perfect new owner.

Rehoming is Worth the Time

Even though rehoming might take more time than setting up an appointment at a shelter, you'll feel good about it. You'll be happy knowing that you've found a wonderful new place for your dog.

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