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Where Can I Put a Dachshund Up for Adoption?

You can put a dachshund up for adoption in many places online, including free sites that allow you to advertise pets. Of course, you do want to be careful when putting him up for adoption, since you don't want to turn him over to just anyone. Below are some tips on choosing the best places to put your dachshund up for adoption.

Rehoming with a Family Member or Friend

If you know someone in your family who might be looking to adopt a dog, talk with them about your dachshund. This has the potential to be one of the best and fastest ways to find someone you trust to adopt your dog. Of course, we know that not everyone is fortunate enough to have family and friends looking to adopt at the moment. In those cases, there are still some other choices available.

Online Adoption Sites

You can look for online adoption sites, but you do need to be careful. It tends to be best to choose a site specifically for pet adoption and that requires a rehoming fee. Rehoming fees help to weed out the adopters who do not have your pet's best interests in mind, as well as those who can't afford to take care of her properly.

To make matters easier on yourself, consider using Rehome. This platform from Adopt-a-Pet.com is a simple solution. It's free for owners to use, and it allows you to create a detailed profile of your dachshund. This profile lets you inform would-be adopters about your dog's personality traits along with any other pertinent information, such as behavior problems. It's important to be honest in these profiles so you can ensure that the right people adopt her. You can also add photos and videos so potential new owners can see her before they decide to adopt.

Rescues and Shelters

Rescues are another option to consider. It may be possible to find a rescue in your area that is specifically for dachshunds. If not, there could be other dog rescues available. These facilities will keep the dogs for the remainder of their life, which means that they're often full. Getting your dog into a rescue can be difficult. Keep in mind that even if they're in a rescue, it doesn't guarantee that someone will adopt them.

Shelters could be considered, too. These facilities work to have the dogs adopted out quickly since they only have a limited amount of space. When they aren't able to find someone to adopt, they may be euthanized. This isn't something that shelters want to do, of course, but it's something that you need to keep in mind.

What's the Best Choice?

Given all of the options available when putting your dachshund up for adoption, the choice that tends to be consistently the best is rehoming them through a quality platform like Rehome. While it will take some additional work on your part, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you did your best to ensure she's got a wonderful new home.

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