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Where Can I Put a Golden Retriever Up for Adoption?

You can put your golden retriever up for adoption online, with people you know, or by surrendering them to a shelter or rescue. Naturally, you want to make sure that your dog goes to a great home, so you'll want to see whether you can find a new home for him yourself.

How Does Surrendering to Shelters and Rescues Work?

It's possible to surrender your dog to a shelter or a rescue, where they'll then be put up for adoption. However, just because they can be adopted from these facilities does not mean that they'll always find a new home. Rescues will keep your dog until he's adopted or for the remainder of his life. Shelters often have a limited period they can hold animals, and there's a chance that your dog could be euthanized.

You'll always want to check the policies and procedures involved with these facilities, of course, to see how they handle incoming dogs and how long they're held. Additionally, you can't just show up with your dog at a shelter or a rescue. You'll need to call and make an appointment first. The staff will let you know what you need to bring with you, the cost of the surrender fee, and when you can arrive.

Using Online Adoption Sites

If you want to make sure your dog is adopted, one of the best options is to use online pet adoption sites. Platforms like Rehome from Adopt-a-Pet.com help to make the process faster, easier, and safer for your dog. With Rehome, you'll create a detailed profile and bio of your dog. You can also add photos and videos.

Keep in mind that you want to be honest in your dog's bio. Let the new owners know all about the wonderful things your dog offers, but don't skip their bad behaviors. When you're honest, it helps to ensure that your dog is adopted by someone who can provide them with the type of care and attention they need. It also ensures they aren't going to a home where they won't be happy.

Rehome is free for owners to use, and it only costs a small rehoming fee for the adopters. Whether you use Rehome or another platform, be sure there's always a rehoming fee charged. This helps to ensure that unscrupulous people looking for free pets don't get their hands on your golden retriever.

Giving Your Golden Retriever to Someone You Know

One of the best options, although it isn't possible in all cases, is to find someone you know to adopt your dog. When you have a relative or a friend that's looking for a dog, they might be interested in your golden retriever. This is certainly true if they already know your dog and have a bond with him. It can often be easier for both you and your dog.

Naturally, you still need to be sure that this person and their home will be the right place for your golden retriever.

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