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Where Can I Put a Pit Bull Up for Adoption?

"Where can I put a pit bull up for adoption" is a common question from pet owners who have decided they can no longer keep their pet. There are two general roads: Rehome your dog yourself or surrender him to a shelter and hope they are able to find him a good home. While shelters do their best to make that happen, the truth is not every dog finds a forever home while at a shelter. His best chance of ending up in a perfect home is if you find the adopter yourself.

How Do I Find Potential Adopters?

Once you've made the decision to rehome your pit bull yourself, you'll need to find ways to get him in front of potential adopters. Some go the online classified route, which is OK as long as you don't list him as free to a good home. Always—ALWAYS—charge a rehoming fee to weed out people who try to find free dogs for dog fighting and other similarly disturbing uses.

A superior option would be to create a profile on a site dedicated to helping pet owners find a new home for their pet. Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com allows you to create an online profile (you can even add a video!) of your pet that can be seen by thousands of potential adopters.

You'll also be able to review adopter applications, respond to questions, and submit adoption paperwork. It's a great place to put your pit bull up for adoption where he can be seen by people actively looking for a dog. Get expert advice, helpful hints, and more all in one place!

If you've exhausted all options for keeping your pet, the next best thing is taking the time to place him in a home where he'll be happy, safe, and loved.  

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