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Where Can I Put an Australian Cattle Dog Up for Adoption?

You can put an Australian cattle dog up for adoption in many places, including pet adoption sites on the Internet. Rehome is a quality option when putting your pet up for adoption, and there is more information regarding this site below. There are other methods of putting your dog up for adoption, but these are not always as beneficial or efficient as using adoption sites.

Do You Really Need to Give Up Your Dog?

First, think about why you are looking to put your dog up for adoption. If you are worried about the finances of taking care of your dog, look for other ways that you can save money and spend less rather than getting rid of your four-legged friend. While it's not always possible to improve your finances enough to keep your dog, you will be happy that you at least tried.

If there are disciplinary problems with your pet or other issues, take the time to look for help. There are resources online that can help with many of these problems. Maybe you don't have to give up your Australian cattle dog for adoption. However, if you do, there are some good options to try before heading to a shelter.

Letting Friends and Family Know

One of the best is to let family and friends know that you are not able to keep your dog. Ask if any of them are looking to adopt a dog and if they would be willing to take your dog. Maybe you have to move to a location where you can't take the dog. They may be willing to home your dog until you return, or they could outright adopt the pet. When you allow someone that you know and trust to adopt your dog, you can rest easier knowing that they will have a good home.

Shelters and Rescues

You may also be considering giving your dog to a shelter or a rescue. While this is an option, it should be one of your last resorts. Shelters, even though they try to care properly for the animals, are often understaffed and overcrowded. They cannot keep the pets forever, and pets are not always adopted out of shelters. You can find rescues that will keep the pets until they find a good home, but it can take a long time for adoption. Sometimes, the pets are not adopted out of these rescues either.

Use the Rehome Platform to Find the Best Home for your Australian Cattle Dog

You can put in a little bit of extra time to ensure that your pet finds a perfect home where they will be loved and cared for. Rehome is a platform through Adopt-a-Pet.com that lets you create a highly detailed profile of your dog. You can add images of the dog and even videos. The site provides you with information on what you should look for with people who are considering adopting your dog, as well, so you can choose right. Best of all, this platform is free to the owners. The adopters will pay a small rehoming fee, which is then used to help more animals find the homes they need. 

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