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Why Do Dogs Howl When Left Alone?

Some dogs howl when left alone simply because they are lonely. Dogs are very social, and they want to be around their families. In some cases, howling can be a sign of separation anxiety—a condition that must be properly treated in order to stop it from getting worse over time. If your dog only howls when left alone, it's probably loneliness or anxiety. On the other hand, some dogs are just very vocal and will howl whether you're there or not. 

Helping My Dog With Loneliness 

No good pet owner likes the idea of leaving their dog alone—and hearing them howl as you pull out of the driveway only make the guilt worse. While you may not be able to quit your job and spend the entire day pampering your pooch, there are some things you can do to help ease his loneliness.

  • Try doggy daycare or hiring a dog sitter. Daycare is great for dogs who enjoy playing with other dogs to get lots of exercise and be happier and less anxious on days when they are left at home.
  • Leave him treat puzzles and other interactive toys. Keeping his mind occupied is a good way to ease his loneliness.
  • Consider a second dog to be his companion. This way, he will never have to be alone!
  • Check out more tips to help your dog's loneliness in our blog article here

Dealing With Separation Anxiety 

If the howling is accompanied by destructive behavior, escape attempts, and excessive chewing, your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety. This is not something that will get better on its own. In fact, when left untreated, it often gets worse. Treatment depends on the severity of the anxiety, so talk to your vet or a qualified animal behaviorist for advice about how to help your dog if you suspect separation anxiety.

Some breeds howl more than others, but if your dog becomes vocal only when he's alone, these tips may help to ease his loneliness. 

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