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Why Does My Dog Bark At Nothing At Night?

Your dog probably isn't barking at nothing at night; he's likely just barking at something you don't recognize. If your dog barks at night, it could be in response to sounds that his sensitive ears pick up that you can't hear. It could also be because he wants to be closer to you instead of being crated, or because he's frustrated, in pain, or lonely. If you can figure out the reason behind your dog barking at "nothing," you'll be in a better position to stop the behavior.

Did the Behavior Start Suddenly? 

Anytime there is a sudden change in your dog's behavior, an underlying medical reason could be the cause for the change. If nothing else has changed, and your dog has started barking at night on a regular basis, a visit to the vet is in order.

Could There Be a Threat? 

Some pet owners just tell their dog to be quiet when he barks at night without considering he could actually be trying to warn you of a potential threat. It could be an actual threat or just someone venturing a little too close to your yard. Either way, if your normally quiet dog is barking at what seems to be nothing, it's a good idea to check things out.

Dealing with Nighttime Barking 

If your dog barks at night and you can't figure out why, try changing something about the environment. For example:

  • Try playing soft music.
  • Move his crate into your room.
  • Take him for a long walk shortly before bed.
  • Feed dinner closer to bedtime.

When your dog barks at night it's a hassle. If you can't figure out how to curb the behavior on your own, don't give up. Talk to a vet or an animal behaviorist who will help you understand the underlying cause for the barking and figure out a way to stop it. 

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