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Why Does My Dog Eat Lying Down?

If your dog is lying down while eating, it could be due to a medical condition that makes it painful to bend his neck down to the bowl. If it's a tall dog, it could simply be uncomfortable to stretch his neck down to reach a bowl on the floor. If the behavior started suddenly, you should schedule a visit with your vet to rule out an underlying medical condition.

What To Do Next If Your Dog Eats Lying Down 

As mentioned above, if your dog suddenly starts to eat lying down, you should bring him to the vet to rule out problems such as arthritis or joint pain. If you suspect discomfort may be the issue, you can try to curb the behavior by purchasing a raised bowl that makes it easier for your pet to eat standing up.

If there is no medical condition, is it really a problem if dogs eat lying down? Not usually. In the wild, dogs are often seen lying down why eating prey and domesticated dogs often enjoy a treat lying down.

While eating meals in that position isn't common, it's not necessarily cause for concern once a medical condition is ruled out.

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