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Why Is My Dog Peeing a Lot?

Common reasons for your dog peeing a lot include diabetes, urinary tract infections, and aging. Certain medical conditions can be treated, which will often alleviate the frequent urination. Other causes, however, such as aging, may not be resolved. The first order of business when you notice frequent urination, or any other change in your pet's bathroom habits, should be a visit to your vet for a thorough exam. 

Is Frequent Urination Dangerous? 

On its own, frequent urination isn't necessarily dangerous, but it could be, as mentioned above, the sign of a potentially serious medical condition. Your vet will know exactly what to screen for, so you'll be able to quickly find out if a particular medical problem is causing the condition.

If it is, treatment may be able to help with the issue. Some conditions may require simple treatment, such as a round of antibiotics for a UTI. Others, such as diabetes, may require ongoing medication and other treatment.

What If The Problem Can't Be Corrected? 

Many pet owners live with aging dogs and those who suffer incontinence for various reasons. This alone isn't necessarily impacting the dog's quality of life, and it's a pretty easy situation to handle. Solutions could be as simple as installing a doggy door so your pet can go out whenever he needs or just taking him on more frequent walks.

Another option that works for busy pet owners is to purchase belly bands for male dogs and diapers for female dogs. Both reusable and disposal belly bands and diapers are available. While it may take a little getting used to, this is a simple way to deal with living with an incontinent pooch. 

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