Pet Application
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Adopter Terms

I am 18 years or older.

I realize that I am not guaranteed to be approved to adopt this pet. Further, if I do adopt this pet, & Parties make no guarantees about the success of this adoption or the health or temperament of any individual pet.

If I decide to adopt this pet I will pay the adoption fee to and understand that 100% of my donation will be distributed to animal shelters and rescue organizations.

I agree to hold & Parties harmless of loss or liability, claims, or damages incurred as a result of, or that may arise out of, the adoption or potential adoption. I understand that if the adoption doesn’t work out, I will be responsible for rehoming my new pet based off of the condition outlined in the adoption contract.

Adoption Fee for This Pet


100% of the adoption fee is donated to help other pets in need.

* If you are asked to pay more than outlined above or asked to pay by cash, money order, paypal, etc, please bring it to our attention ASAP by email us at
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