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What Do I Do With A Pregnant Stray Cat?

If you find a pregnant stray cat, you should help it if possible. What that means exactly will vary based on your own knowledge of cats and your resources. Leaving them on their own to give birth outside could be dangerous for the mom and is almost always dangerous for at least some of her litter.

Helping A Pregnant Stray 

The first thing you may want to do, especially if you do not have experience with pregnant cats, is contact a local cat rescue for advice on your best options. Prior to calling, note the difference between stray (a cat that once lived in a home and became lost or was abandoned) and feral (cats who were either born outside or spent so much time outside that they do not tolerate human interaction.) This will be an important factor in the advice the organization offers to you.

If the pregnant cat is a stray and you are determined to help her finish out her pregnancy and give birth, the shelter or rescue should have plenty of advice and resources for you. Once her babies are born and weaned, the mom and her babies can be placed up for adoption. When you get to this point, you can work with the rescue or shelter to figure out the best solution for the mama cat and kittens. If you want to rehome the cats yourself, visit the Rehome website to create profiles for the cats. You'll also find lots of valuable information about finding a suitable forever family. 

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