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Where Can I Surrender My Cat For Free?

There may be places where you can surrender your cat for free, but this depends on your location. In most areas, animal control charges a fee to accept surrendered animals, but some may not have a fee. Whether or not rescues charge anything varies by organization, but many do try to recoup a small portion of the cost of caring for the pet by charging a surrender fee. Rehoming your cat yourself is your best bet to avoid paying a rehoming fee. 

Rehoming Your Pet 

When you bring a pet into your home, it should be a lifelong commitment. Unfortunately, sometimes giving up a pet can't be helped. Other times, the circumstances that make you want to surrender your pet could be resolved. For example, litter box issues may be a sign of an easily corrected medical issue. 

If you've exhausted all options and still feel that surrendering your cat is the right decision, consider rehoming him yourself. There are many reasons this is a good option including:

  • You don't have to worry whether or not he'll be put down at a shelter.
  • You'll be able to choose the perfect home for your cat.
  • You won't have to wait weeks or months for a rescue to have an open spot. 

While rehoming your cat yourself may take a little time, it's worth it to know that you're giving your pet the best possible chance of a happy life in a new home.

Not sure how to get started? Many resources are available to help you, and one of the best is the Rehome website. You'll find expert advice, have the ability to create a custom profile for your pet, accept applications from potential adopters, and much more. 

If you can't keep your pet, don't surrender him—rehome him instead. 

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