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Why Is My Cat Pooping On The Floor?

Cats may poop on the floor because of a medical condition, stress, or because the litter box is dirty. If the behavior started suddenly, have a vet rule out a medical problem first and then take note if anything significant has happened in the cat's life, such as a new pet entering the home or the loss of a companion. Whatever the cause, most litter box issues can be solved, but it may take time and patience.

Common Reasons for Litter Box Issues 

Reasons your cat stops using the litter box generally fall in three categories: medical, stress, and environmental.


Diabetes, intestinal problems, and thyroid issues are common medical issues that can cause litter box issues. Any time your cat starts going outside of the box, it's a good idea to schedule a visit with the vet to rule these and other conditions out.


While most dogs are more equipped to go with the flow, cats get stressed out very easily. Stress can be triggered by a small change, such as rearranging the furniture or by a significant event such as the death of a companion cat. As the stress is alleviated, the behavior often stops on its own. If not, you may have to ask for advice from an animal behaviorist.


Cats don't like using a dirty litter box, and many don't like sharing. Try adding additional boxes (a good rule is one per cat plus one additional box), and always make sure the boxes are clean. You can also try adding additional boxes in new locations and removing the lids from covered boxes. 

Sadly, some pet owners rehome their cats over a litter box issue rather than searching for a solution. There are many possible ways to curb the behavior from resolving a medical problem to changing the environment. It may take time to find what works for your pet, but it's worth the effort.  

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