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Why Is My Cat Suddenly Chewing On Everything?

Your cat may be suddenly chewing on everything due to anxiety, a medical condition, or even just because he realized it's an activity he enjoys. While adult cats don't usually chew as much as dogs, it is a normal behavior. Still, depending on what they chew, it can be annoying to you and dangerous to them. That's why it's important to redirect their chewing away from harmful objects.

My Cat is Chewing Stuff. Now What? 

If your adult cat was never a chewer and the behavior has manifested suddenly, it's a good idea to pay a visit to the vet just as you would with any other change in your cat's habits. Once a medical issue has been ruled out, you can focus on trying to prevent inappropriate chewing.

Redirect the Chewing

When you notice your cat chewing, offer him a toy instead. Many times, the toy will bring out the predator in your cat, and he'll be happy chewing on their "prey" instead of your belongings.

More Play Time

Your cat could be chewing out of boredom. Try spending more time with your cat playing with and/or grooming him.

Provide Stimulating Toys

Puzzle toys and other interactive options can keep an active cat entertained and prevent boredom. 

Protect Your Pet 

Some items can cause harm to your pet. Until you find a way to curb the behavior, you'll need to protect your pet from, for example, chewing on wires or items that could cause gastrointestinal upset or electrocution.

Doing so could be as simple as keeping items out of reach, or may be a bit more involved, such as wrapping cords in rubber covers. You can also try bitter sprays and other deterrents (like tin foil) to keep your cat away from items he shouldn't be chewing.

Also note that if the chewing is obsessive, it could be due to anxiety. In that case, you may try calming products such as collars and diffusers. If that doesn't help, a chat with an animal behaviorist would be the next step.  

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