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Does Pet Supplies Plus Take Dogs?

Pet Supplies Plus does not take dogs at any of their stores. If you need to rehome your pet, you'll need to find another option. 

How to Find a New Home for Your Dog

If you're considering rehoming your pet, ask yourself if you've done everything you can to keep him.

For example: 

  • If he has behavior issues, have you tried additional training?
  • If he isn't get along with other pets, have you talked with an animal behaviorist?
  • If you're too busy, have you considered doggy day care? 

Many times the issues that cause pet owners to rehome their pet can be solved with a bit of effort.

If you've done all you can and know that you can't keep your dog, you have a few options.

Surrender Your Dog to a Shelter

This is often the fastest way to surrender your pet, but there is a major downside: many shelters still euthanize for space. Before you bring your dog to a shelter, make sure you learn the euthanasia rate and understand what his chances are of ever finding a home.

Surrender Your Dog to a Private Rescue

Private rescues will usually do whatever it takes to find dogs in their care a wonderful home, but it can be a challenge to find a rescue with room to take your pet. If you're willing to keep the dog until a spot opens up in a rescue you trust, this is a good option.

Rehome Your Dog Yourself

Your dog deserves the best chance of a happy home and you deserve peace of mind that will come with knowing you adopted your dog out to a loving family. If you're not sure where to start when it comes to finding your dog a home, visit Rehome. Rehome has lots of resources and features to help pet owners find their dogs a loving home. Create a profile for your pet, accept applications, download a contract, and much more. 

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