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How Do I Give Up My German Shepherd?

If you're asking "how do I give up my German Shepherd," you've most likely come to the conclusion that you can no longer keep your pet. If finding your pet a new home is your only option, there are few ways you can go about it; including surrendering your dog to a shelter, working with a private rescue, or rehoming him yourself. You may also want to consider exhausting all other options before making a final decision.

Do You Have to Let Him Go?

There are many reasons people give up their dogs. These include behavior problems, medical issues, or because they are moving.

In most cases, getting help from the right source can help you deal with the problems or concerns in a way that will help you keep your German Shepherd. This may include:

  • Asking your local shelter for a list of pet-friendly housing options
  • Working with a trainer to correct behavior issues
  • Seeking help from organizations that assist with vet bills 

Giving Up Your German Shepherd

If you do decide to rehome your dog, you'll have three basic options:

Surrender to a Shelter

This is the first choice of many because it's fast and easy—but it's not always easy for your dog. Most shelters give 110% to find homes for every dog, but it's not always possible. While they are at the shelter, they'll spend most of their time alone. This isn't because the shelter workers don't care; it's because there simply isn't the manpower to give every dog the attention he deserves. For some dogs this can be very stressful and it may make it difficult to find him a new home.

Surrender to a Private Rescue

Reputable private rescues can be less stressful for your dog because they are smaller and may have fosters available to care for your dog one on one. Many will also keep dogs indefinitely if finding a suitable adopter proves difficult. That commitment is also why it's difficult to find rescues with room to take your German Shepherd. If you can get on a wait list, however, this could be a good choice.

Rehome Him Yourself

This is the best option if you want to maintain control over what happens to your dog. Resources like Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com can help you find the perfect home for your German Shepherd by allowing you to create a pet profile, communicate with potential adopters, and more. 

The best part about rehoming your dog yourself is that you won't have to wonder what became of your dog. Instead, you'll rest easy knowing your German Shepherd is happy and loved in a family selected by you!

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