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How Do I Keep My Dog From Running Out The Door?

Perfecting the sit, stay, and come commands will go a long way to keep your dog from running out the door. What's on the other side of that door? The temptation to find out is too much for some dogs, and they make a dash every chance they get. Aside from it just being bad behavior, it can be dangerous—especially if the door leads to an unfenced part of the yard or if a busy street is nearby. That's why working with your dog to prevent this behavior is so important.

Why Dogs Run Out The Door 

It's exciting! There is grass out there! The mailman might be walking by! A cute dog lives next door! There are many reasons bolting out the door seems like a good idea to your pet. While any dog has the potential to want to run, some things make him more likely to try including:

  • Boredom
  • Lack of exercise
  • Successful escapes in the past 


If your dog is sufficiently stimulated, he'll be less likely to want to run out the door. Puzzle toys, play time, and lots of interaction help to prevent boredom.

Lack of Exercise

Two to three long walks or runs per day will ensure your dog gets sufficient exercise.

Successful Escapes in the Past

Once your dog successfully bolts out the door, he is much more likely to try again. While the above may help to reduce your dog's desire to run out the door, some dogs are still going to want to run no matter what. 

Tips For Keeping Your Dogs Safe 

Quality Training

Training, training, training. If your dog masters the "sit" or "stay" command, you'll be able to throw the door open wide and know he isn't going anywhere. If you can't provide the training yourself, invest in a reputable professional. It will be money very well spent.

Crate When Leaving

Crating your dog or confining him to a room with no access to the door will keep him safe while you work on training. 

Exit Through A Different Door

If your dog often gets to spend time in the backyard and seldom in the front, he may be less likely to want to run out the back door. Exit through whatever door is least interesting to your pet. 

The goal is keeping your dog safe. That's why training is the priority, as it will keep your dog safe in many situations. 

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