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How Do I Stop My Dog From Jumping Up On People?

Proper training is the key to stop your dog from jumping up on people. Even if it's clear he's only jumping up in greeting, it's a behavior that you shouldn't allow as it will scare some people and could even cause injury to a child or older person if they are knocked down.

Tips To Stop The Jumping 

You don't want to punish your dog for greeting you or your guests, but you need to show him a different way to get attention from people coming through the door. The younger the dog is when you start this training, the better.

While it's absolutely adorable when a little puppy jumps up to about your knees, it's less adorable when a fully grown dog jumps up and his paws land on your belly or shoulders.

Keep in mind the point of your dog's greeting: He wants attention. You need to teach him that attention will come when he sits quietly and never when he jumps up.

To accomplish this, you need to pay no attention to your dog when jumps up. Just put your arms by your side, turn, and quietly walk away. When your dog eventually sits, then you can shower him with attention.

Expand this idea to anytime your dog is searching for attention. Give a sit command and only when he sits should he be rewarded with treats and attention.

Once he seems to have this down, have family members come through the door and, eventually, people he doesn't know.

Mastering the sit, stay, leave it, and similar commands will make it easier to curb all kinds of behaviors. If you're not able to teach these on your own, work with a qualified trainer near you. 

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