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How Long Does It Take A Dog To Get Used To A New Home?

It can take weeks or even a few months for a dog to get used to a new home. It takes some dogs longer than others, and pets who have spent time being shuffled around between homes and shelters may take longer to settle in. The good news is that in time and with the right guidance from you, your dog will learn to be comfortable with his new family.

The Sad Truth: Many Dogs Are Quickly Returned 

Shelter and rescue employees will tell you that one of the frustrating things about the work they do is the number of dogs that are returned within a week or two because the adopter says they aren't fitting in.

It's unrealistic to expect a dog to walk through the door and instantly know all the rules or understand what behavior is acceptable. When a dog has lived in several homes, like occasionally some shelter/rescue dogs have, the challenge can be even greater.

It's your job as the pet parent to teach your new dog how to behave in the home and to teach him what is and what is not acceptable.

Most shelters will provide instructions on how to properly integrate a dog into your home. It's extremely important to follow these guidelines in order to facilitate a smooth transition for you and your new pet.

These instructions will often be customized based on what the shelter or rescue organization knows about the dog's behavior and background. If a reasonable amount of time goes by, you're following the instructions, and still not seeing progress, talk to someone at the facility where you got the dog for additional support.

Most dogs are going to take a while to acclimate to a new home, but with patience and the right guidance, they'll be a wonderful addition to your family in no time! 

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