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How Long Does It Take a Great Dane to Get Used to a New Home?

The amount of time it takes a Great Dane to get used to a new home can vary, but it's generally around one to three months at most. Of course, you have to consider that all dogs are different, as well as the age of the dog when he comes to you. Some dogs will adjust quickly in just a few days, while others will take longer. You can make the adjustment process faster and smoother for your new dog, though.

Give Your New Great Dane Her Own Space

You'll want to make sure that she has a place of her own, like a nice big dog bed to use. This should be in a location where she'll feel comfortable. In some cases, it might be in the living room near the family. With other dogs, it might be in a separate room where she can spend some time without being bothered.

In addition to providing your new dog space where she can relax, you may want to see if the previous owner or shelter can provide some favorite toys, blankets, bowls, etc. Even though you might want to go out and buy brand new items, having a few familiar items might help her adjust to her new home. Eventually, you'll be able to replace them, of course.

When she first comes home, you'll want to keep things normal around the house, too. This means you shouldn't bring over a bunch of people to look at and play with your new dog. Give her the time she needs to get used to you and your family first, and then you can introduce others.

Start a Routine

Dogs are similar to children in the fact that they thrive on routine. Start a routine with your dog as soon as she arrives. Give her walks and feed her at about the same time each day. If you can follow a similar routine to her previous owner, she might adjust to your home faster. If not, it's okay. You can put her onto a routine that works for you and your family, and she'll slowly adjust to it.

Make Your Great Dane Feel Included

Although you want to provide her with some space, you also need to make sure she feels included with the things you do. Spend plenty of time playing with her, petting her, telling her she's a good girl, and making her feel loved and part of the family. This will often help dogs to feel more comfortable, so they can settle into a new home.

Be Patient with Your New Dog 

Your new Great Dane is a wonderful addition to your family, but it can take time for her to adjust. Keep in mind that younger dogs will often adjust faster than older dogs will. If she's been with a different family her entire life, it'll feel strange for her to be in a new home with new people. It's important that you're patient and let her settle in at her own pace. Before long, it'll be like she's always been a part of your family.

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