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What Can I Spray To Stop My Dog From Digging?

Vinegar and citrus oil are two things you can spray to stop your dog from digging. Commercial dog repellent sprays are also available. These methods will not work for all dogs, so it may take some trial and error to discover what works for your dog. Whether you choose a homemade or commercial product, such sprays are a good starting point for pet owners who want to curb this behavior.

Why Dogs Dig 

The reasons dogs dig are as varied as the methods to try and stop it. If you know why he is digging, you may be able to prevent the behavior even without the use of sprays. If your dog is digging, he may be trying to:

  •  Escape the Yard: If digging is along the fence, it's pretty obvious what your dog is trying to do. This is one of the most troublesome types of digging because it puts your dog in danger. If your dog is digging to escape, block the area around the fence with chicken wire or rocks to prevent him from getting out of the yard while you work on stopping the digging. 
  • Cool Off: Digging holes and then resting inside them means your dog is digging to cool off. Aside from not leaving your pet outside on hot days, you can also be sure to provide adequate shade and plenty of water.
  • Hunt Prey: If you see signs of burrowing pests near the spots where your dog digs, he is likely hunting. Call a humane exterminator to safely move the gopher, mole, or other animal out of your yard.
  • Relieve Boredom: Digging is fun! At least some dogs think so. If your dog is digging as a game or to relieve boredom, introducing lots of new toys and additional playtime may curb the behavior. 

Are Commercial Sprays More Effective than Homemade?

Not necessarily. Just like humans have different tastes, so do dogs. The spray is simply adding a repellant to the area, and what will repel one dog may not repel another. If you don't want to spend money for a commercial spray, try the homemade sprays first to see if you get the desired results. 

There are many things you can spray to stop your dog from digging, you just need to find what works best for your pup!  

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