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What Does it Mean to Rehome a Dog?

Rehoming a dog means means finding a new home where your dog will be safe and loved. This is different from surrendering your dog to a shelter or rescue because you're helping your dog go from your home right into another home. When you take the time needed to rehome the dog, you're able to choose a family that is a perfect fit for your pet.

How Do I Find a Home for My Dog? 

Before you start searching for a new home for your dog, be sure that you have tried everything to keep him in your home. Talk to your vet, local trainers, and animal welfare groups for advice. You can also view our Keep Your Pet guide here. If you find that you still need to rehome your pet once those efforts are exhausted, here are some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Think twice about rehoming your pet through classified sites. Many people troll such sites looking for dogs to use for nefarious purposes.
  • Always charge a rehoming fee. Giving dogs away "free to a good home" is never a good idea because you want the new adopter to demonstrate that they are serious about providing a great home for your furry friend. Charging a rehoming fee of $50 to $150 shows that the adopter has some financial resources to commit to the dog and eliminates certain risks, such as your dog being sold to a lab.
  • Use available resources to make finding a home easier. Rehome is a website dedicated to helping responsible pet owners find the perfect home for their dog or cat. The service allows you set up an eye-catching profile and to connect with potential adopters at no charge. Applications are submitted right through the site, and you'll even find helpful tips about screening potential homes, and much more. 

If you absolutely cannot keep your dog, take the time to ensure he'll be happy with a new family. It's the right thing to do—both for your dog and for your own peace of mind. 

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