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What is a Reasonable Rehoming Fee for a Corgi?

A reasonable rehoming fee for your Corgi would generally start at around $50 and would go up from there. The fees can vary quite a bit depending on a range of factors. The age of your dog, whether she's purebred, and your location can all play roles in the price.

Determine the Usual Rehoming Fee in Your Area

When you're trying to determine a reasonable rehoming fee, whether you're the owner or you're looking to adopt, you should consider what's typically charged in your area. Take the time to look at the prices of other rehoming fees to get a better sense of the typical prices where you live. Generally, the rehoming fees will be quite similar to what someone would expect to pay when they go to a rescue or a shelter.

Corgis are popular dogs. They're adorable and fun, and that means that the rehoming fee for a purebred Corgi might be higher than it would for another dog. However, rehoming fees shouldn't be as much as buying a dog. The purpose of the rehoming fees isn't to put money into the pocket of the owner or the organization. The fees are meant to serve other purposes.

Why Are Rehoming Fees Needed?

If someone has to give up their dog, you might be wondering why there should be rehoming fees at all. They should be grateful that someone wants to take their dog, right? Unfortunately, the world can be a grim place for pets. The rehoming fees are there to ensure that new owners are willing to invest in their new dog. They're also there to help keep the dogs safe.

People will sometimes look for free and cheap dogs online or in their area so they can then sell them to labs. Other times, they might use small dogs like Corgis as bait and training for fighting dogs. Having rehoming fees helps to ensure that these types of people are less likely to get access to your dog.

Whenever an owner is rehoming their dog, they should charge a rehoming fee. This is something that those looking to adopt should expect. The only time that you wouldn't need to charge a rehoming fee would be when you're giving your dog to someone you already know and trust to be a good new owner.

Making Rehoming Easier

Many people worry about charging rehoming fees, even though they realize they're important. One of the best things to do is to use Rehome, a platform from Adopt-a-Pet.com that helps to make the entire process simpler. The site, where you can create a profile for your dog, is free for owners to use. The adopters will pay a fee right to Rehome, so owners don't have to worry about it. You'll find that the fee is similar to what adopters would pay to a shelter or a rescue. Even better, you can be sure that the money paid goes into helping more animals get adopted.

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