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What Is A Reasonable Rehoming Fee For A Dog?

A reasonable rehoming fee for a dog starts at about $50 and can go up from there. The purpose of the fee is not to make money, but rather to avoid giving the dog to someone unwilling to invest in having a pet. Charging a fee also reduces the possibility that your dog will be used for fighting or sold to a lab. Many people don't realize how real those dangers are, but they are very much reduced by charging a rehoming fee. 

What If The Person Seems Really Nice? 

If the person who wants to adopt your dog seems nice but is haggling over a $50 rehoming fee, it's probably time to look for a different adopter. Here's why:

  • People that would want to use your dog in a bad way have honed their skills of seeming like the perfect adopters. Some even bring kids along to put on a really good show.
  • It's expensive to take good care of a dog. If someone is unwilling or unable to pay a $50 rehoming fee, they may not be in the best position to adopt. Also, if they are put off by a small rehoming fee, what will they do when faced with a large vet bill? 

Don't feel any guilt whatsoever for charging a fee to rehome your dog. The point of it is to protect him.

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